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I’d like to introduce you to the beginning of a beautiful adventure. Allow me to whisk you away for a day or night free from life’s mundane stress’s and give you a memory unlike any you have yet to experience.


It’s so hard to describe oneself but I’ll give it a go. I have a vicarious appetite for all things food, the divine, and often life itself. Connoisseur of of lingerie and maybe a tad too much champagne. I can soft and feminine or witty and charming. What matters to me is I’m interested in getting to know you and creating a deep and lasting connection that only you and I will share together. 


Often times when we share our fantasy’s or dreams with others we feel vulnerable, I can offer a non judgmental ear and encourage you to follow your wildest fantasy’s, or just relaxing from life in general for a great escape. 

I picture us having a romantic dinner together, we just finished our incredible five course meal, slightly tipsy from the bottle of wine we picked out with your expertise recommendation, our chemistry is electric, we can hardly keep our eyes off each other. Only for me to give you a look that you know means I am ready while you rush to get the check so we can escape away to the next part of our evening already aware it’s going to be even more exhilarating. 


“What if it doesn’t happen?” 


Ah, but what if it does? 


Red roses and lilies, perfumes, fall weather and pumpkin spice candles, anything with paws, connection, laughter, sense of humor, freedom to be ones self, music, gardening, video games, spa days, long baths, the smell of old books, silk on naked skin, reliability, scary films, warm blankets, down pillows, fresh hotel sheets, candles burning, anything sour tasting, oysters, white wine, feeling of new clothing, the sun on my back. 

  Things I Adore -

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