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I’d like to introduce you to the beginning of a beautiful adventure. Allow me to whisk you away for a day or night free from life’s mundane stress’s and give you a memory unlike any you have yet to experience.


II have a vicarious appetite for all things food, the divine, and often life itself. Connoisseur of of lingerie and maybe a tad too much champagne. I can soft and feminine or witty and charming. What matters to me is I’m interested in getting to know you and creating a deep and lasting connection that only you and I will share together. 


Often times when we share our fantasy’s or dreams with others we feel vulnerable, I can offer a non judgmental ear and encourage you to follow your wildest fantasy’s, or just relaxing from life in general for a great escape. 


Things I adore 

Roses and lilies in full bloom, the sweet scent of perfumes, the crisp fall air and the aroma of pumpkin spice candles, the unconditional love of any pet, the feeling of being truly connected to someone, the sound of laughter, an appreciation for a good sense of humor, the freedom to be exactly who I am, the joy of gardening, the challenge of video games, a relaxing spa day, soaking in a long bath, the musty smell of old books, the sensation of silk against my skin, a sense of reliability, the thrill of a scary movie, a cozy blanket to keep me warm, a fluffy pillow to lay my head upon, the freshness of hotel sheets, the flickering of candles, the tang of something sour, a plate of oysters, the crispness of a glass of white wine, the pleasure of wearing something new, and the warmth of the sun on my back.



Height: 5'7

Body type: Curvy in all the right places.


Bust: 34E

Dress Size: Medium 

Shoe Size: 8.5/39 

Hair color: Blonde 

Body hair: None

Piercings: Only ears 

Tattoos: None 


1 Hour  | ......  750


1.5 Hours | ......  1,000

2 Hours  | .... 1,200

3 Hours   | ...... 1,600

4 Hours   | ......  2,000

5 Hours  | ......  2,400

6 Hours | ...... 2,700

12 Hours Overnight  | ....  3,500


24 Hours | ......  5,000


48 Hour weekend Adventure | .... 9,000

Fly me to you, appointments: West coast 12 hours minimum, East coast 24 hours minimum. Please email me at if you have other accommodation requests. 


Policies: For all inquires, a 20% deposit will be required. Deposit will secure your appointment and are non refundable should you choose to cancel. They can be sent in the form of cash app, venmo, bitcoin, or photo of a physical visa gift card. 

The remainder of the rate can be paid for with cash upon arrival or rest of digital payment. 

Digital Dates

1 Hour Texting Date | ...... 200

1 Hour Phone Call Date | ......  350

1 Hour Livestream Date | ......  550 

Link to Onlyfans | ......  20 

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